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The Right to Decide: Self-determination in the EU

Public Conference
11 January 2017 from 13:30 to 17:00
European Parliament, Brussels, Room PHS 1A002

Confirmation before 27/12 to mark.demesmaeker-office2@ep.europa.eu

In case you need EP accreditation, please provide your first and last name, date of birth, nationality, type and number of ID

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13:30 - Welcome and introduction by Mark Demesmaeker MEP

Constitutional power

• Legitimacy, Democracy and Human Rights

Nikos Skoutaris

• The power of the capitals: centralism in Italy

Antonio Guadagdini

• The Right to Self-Determination and EU facing Internal Enlargement

Juanjo Álvarez  

14:15 - Charting Wales's Future: introduction by Jill Evans MEP

Steffan Lewis

14:45 - The Irish Question: introduction by Martina Anderson MEP

Dr Conor Patterson

15:15 - Catalunya today: introduction by Ramon Tremosa MEP and Josep-Maria Terricabras MEP, Liz Castro

15:45 - The Basque country: introduction by Josu Juaristi MEP

Angel Oiarbide

16.15 - Movements for self-determination – ICEC-

16:45 - Conclusions by Izaskun De Bilbao



More information:

Helena Argerich i Terradas

EFA Advisor on Constitutional Affairs
Tel. Brussels +32 (0)2 28 46387