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When we were the refugees: Elisabeth Eidenbenz and the maternity hospital at Erne

When we were the refugees
21 June 2016 from 18:30 to 20:30
European Parliament, Room ASP 3G2

Hosted by MEPs:

Ernest Maragall, Josep-Maria Terricabras, Jordi Sebastià



18.30 - 18.40   Welcome    

Jordi Sebastià, MEP Greens/EFA


18.40 - 19.30   Dialogue I. The story of the Maternity hospital at Elne

Screening of documentary "The maternity hospital at Elne, space of memory and life", by Alicia Alted and Dolores Fernández (20 min)

Dialogue between Manuel Expósito, historian, and Nicolás García, former mayor of Elna and promoter of the restoration of the maternity. 


19.30 - 20.20   Dialogue II. Europe: refugees and the duty of memory

Dialogue between Josep-Maria Terricabras, MEP and philosopher, and Manuel Reyes Mate, philosopher of memory.  


20.20 - 20.30   Closing remarks

Ernest Maragall, MEP Greens/EFA