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"Lies and Double Standards" on Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

EFA MEP Tatjana Ždanoka from Latvia has criticised the 'lies and double standards' applied to the EU's relations with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Ms Ždanoka was speaking during a debate at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on the progress of the three countries towards the EU, following the signing of EU association and free trade deals.

Speaking in the European Parliament, Tatjana Ždanoka said:

"If we compare the resolutions submitted by different political groups as well as today’s interventions on the issue, it seems that we are speaking of completely different Georgias, Moldovas and Ukraines.

"How is it possible?

"My answer is blind eyes, lies and double standards. Blind eyes on the irresponsibility of the governments of these countries supplied with oligarchs. Lies on prospects of future EU membership for these countries.

The Dutch Prime Minister told us openly this morning that the Association Agreement is not a pre-accession."

Ms Ždanoka went on to criticise the double standards applied to political prisoners:

"Double standards – why are Nadia Savchenko and Oleg Sentsov the only persons in detention to be cared about?

"Why is there a silence of prisoners of conscience in Ukraine and Moldova, such as Grigory Petrenko and Ruslan Kotsaba?"