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Protecting universal postal services

MEP Jill Evans has defended the Universal Service Obligation to deliver and collect post at least five times a week within the EU.

Jill Evans was speaking on behalf of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament's debate on the application of the EU's Postal Services Directive.

MEP Jill Evans

The MEP also spoke of the challenges faced by postal services in an ever more digital world and of the need for equality of service in rural areas as in cities and towns.

Jill Evans MEP said:

"It is essential to keep the Universal Service Obligation to deliver and collect five times a week as a minimum and it is important too to allow enough flexibility for member states to meet their own domestic needs as well as ensuring that the service is sustainable.

"Post is one of the most valued public services and has changed and developed a great deal in recent years as we have become more digital.

"I know from my own constituency in Wales how vital it is to ensure that there is no discrimination against people who live in rural or mountainous areas compared with people in cities and towns. There has to be an equal service.

"The report highlights the importance of decent working conditions and wages for all postal workers, for more checks on rest times, improving driver and road safety.

"It also includes protection for consumers and the need for easy recourse, particularly with cross-border services, and aims at ensuring affordability and access for all, which must be a basic principle for all public services."