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Scotland’s place in the UK’s EU Renegotiations

As the UK Government seeks to renegotiate the UK's EU membership, SNP President Ian Hudghton MEP hosted a press briefing at the European Parliament in Brussels on Scotland's place in the UK's EU Renegotiations.

He was joined by SNP Europe Spokesperson Stephen Gethins MP.

Mr Hudghton emphasised that the Scottish National Party is a left-leaning, pro-European party which will be campaigning for the UK to stay in the EU.

Stephen Gethins MP & Ian Hudghton MEP

An opinion poll by YouGov released this week shows that Scotland remains firmly in favour of remaining in Europe – while in England opinion is much more divided.

Mr. Gethins commented:

"We believe Scotland’s best interests are met by remaining in the EU. The latest polling evidence is that is very much what the people of Scotland believe too. 

"Scotland’s positive engagement with the EU is perhaps why polls continue to show that support – but there is absolutely no room for complacency.

“What we cannot have is Scotland being removed from the EU against its will."

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