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Press release

Civil liberties must be safeguarded in fight against terror

Press release from EFA MEP J-M Terricabras (Catalunya)

MEPs in Strasbourg on Tuesday debated progress on security issues, with new European Commissioner for the Security Union, Sir Julian King.

President of the EFA Group in the European Parliament, Josep-Maria Terricabras, took part in the debate and emphasised the need to protect and defend human rights and civil liberties in the fight against terrorism.

MEP J-M Terricabras

The debate centred on measures agreed at EU level to boost security, and follows the recent publication of the first in a series of EU Commission monthly reports on progress towards an effective security union.

Speaking in the debate, Josep-Maria Terricabras highlighted the need to ensure internal security whilst not falling into the trap set by terrorism:

"The EU has to ensure internal security and has to fight terrorism.

"This is undeniable, but in a democratic society this can only be done while keeping in mind the main goal of protecting and reinforcing civil liberties and the human rights of citizens.

"When we do not do so, we are falling into the trap set by terrorism, which plans to have us caught in fear, resentment and diminishing democracy.

"Has the EU really evaluated which of the security initiatives taken against terrorism really work and which do not? I am afraid this has not been done so far.

"It is urgent to do so. A lot has been said on this during this debate, but I would like to insist that we should only accept more security measures if they mean a better protection of freedom, not a disruption of it."