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Press release

Making the positive case for EU membership

Press release from EFA MEP Jill Evans (Plaid Cymru)

Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans has told the European Parliament in Strasbourg that 'Wales has a great deal to contribute to making the EU more effective - improving Europe for all its people'.

Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans (EFA)

The MEP was speaking in a key debate with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker ahead of the forthcoming EU Summit where the renegotiation of the UK's EU membership will be discussed.

The UK Prime Minister is seeking to renegotiate the UK's membership ahead of a referendum where people will be asked whether they wish to remain in the EU or leave.

Plaid Cymru will be campaigning for Wales to stay in the European Union and will make the positive case for European Union membership.

Jill Evans MEP said:

"At a date, yet to be announced, my constituents in Wales will be faced with a choice that will affect us for generations to come: voting whether or not to remain in the EU.

"For my party, Plaid Cymru, and many in Wales, like local authorities, businesses and voluntary organisations, EU membership is vital in building our economy and our communities.

"Wales has benefitted from EU solidarity through the structural funds and from legislation protecting workers, the environment and our rural areas and much more. 

"I know that Wales has a great deal to contribute to making the EU more effective - improving Europe for all its people. We want to engage far more directly: positively and proactively.

"We want to work together in the interests of peace, social justice and sustainability.

"There may be no decision taken this week in relation to the UK, but I want to send a message to you ahead of the Council meeting; that we are making a very clear and positive case for remaining in the EU, which is in Wales's national interest and in Europe's interests."