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Terricabras confirmed as Greens/EFA Vice President

Press release from the EFA Group in the European Parliament

Newly elected Catalan MEP Josep Maria Terricabras has been confirmed as First Vice President of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament.

Terricabras was elected last week as President of the European Free Alliance (EFA) Group.

Today in Brussels, MEPs reconfirmed the Greens/EFA group in the parliament, continuing a common group with European Green parties that was originally formed in 1999. As part of the common group, the EFA Group President becomes First Vice President of the Greens/EFA Group.

L to R: Terricabras with Greens/EFA Secretary General Vula Tsetsi, and Co-Presidents Rebecca Harms and Philippe Lamberts

The EFA Group is made up of MEPs from stateless nations, regions and minorities. The EFA Group in the European Parliament works for self-determination for nations and regions, the decentralisation of decision making, protection of human rights, a strong, sustainable economy and international solidarity.

Speaking at the group meeting, Josep Maria Terricabras said:

"I'm delighted to be here at my first Greens/EFA group meeting as President of the EFA Group.

"We have enjoyed a very good working relationship over the past five years and we look forward to working with all of you during this parliamentary term."

Terricabras was elected to the European Parliament in May 2014 as part of L'Esquerra pel Dret a Decidir – an alliance of Catalan parties supporting independence for Catalunya and social justice. He is a professor of Philosophy at the University of Girona.