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UK Settlement Scheme criticised as 'not fit for purpose'

Press Release from EFA MEP Christian Allard (SNP)

EFA MEP Christian Allard (Scottish National Party) has slammed the UK’s EU Settlement Scheme, describing it as “not fit for purpose” and calling for it to be scrapped.

The call came during a debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on citizens’ rights after Brexit.

Under the UK Withdrawal Agreement, both the UK and the EU agreed to protect the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in the EU.

The UK has however set up an EU Settlement Scheme - requiring EU citizens to apply in order to stay in their own homes

Speaking after the debate, Mr Allard said:

“I am one of the EU citizens who has been asked to apply for settled status.  I have lived in Scotland for over 35 years.  I came because of freedom of movement.

“The UK Settlement Scheme is not fit for purpose.  We are led to believe that the European Court of Justice will be the ultimate arbiter and that the UK courts will comply

“We must question however how much that promise is worth, particularly if it expires after eight years.

“Myself and countless others are being required to apply for settled status in order to live in the country we have chosen to call home.

“This is a travesty. The application process must be scrapped and our rights must be automatically protected - as was promised by the then leader of the Leave campaign, Boris Johnson.”