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From Nations to Member States


A new architecture for Europe

The key themes of the EFA conference will include the revival of nations in a context of economic turbulences, the emerging Member States and the multi-level governance.

Sharing Experience


Our Nations and Regions in Cohesion Policy

This EFA conference aims at debating about the future of the European Cohesion Policy, sharing innovative best practices and having a decentralized approach better linked to the needs of the territory´.

Independence in Europe


Equality for nations in the 21st century

This conference - which is organised by the European Free Alliance - focuses on stateless nations seeking equality with independent states in the European Union

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Language Diversity


A Challenge for Europe

The European Free Alliance organises a one-day conference on language diversity. In three panels, this conference will deal with the multilingualism policy in the European Institutions, the minority Languages in their Member States and the protection of linguistic diversity against oppressions.