Prolonging the life of Chernobyl-type nuclear reactors

Another Chernobyl waiting to happen?

With most of the Chernobyl-type nuclear power plants in Russia having received or in the process of receiving licenses to prolong their operation for up to 20 years, Greens/EFA energy spokesperson Rebecca Harms MEP is organising a public hearing 'Another Chernobyl waiting to happen?', in cooperation...

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Another Chernobyl waiting to happen?

Hearing on the prolongation of the lifetime of Chernobyl-type reactors

An open hearing entitled "Another Chernobyl waiting to happen" will take place in the European Parliament on Thursday 5th October. It is organised by Green MEP, Rebecca Harms, and The Bellona Foundation.


Green electricity

Shocking decision: Commission attacks the aids for green electricity

The Commission has recently warned Luxembourg against its policy to compensate customers for higher-priced green electricity through its system of feed-in tariffs.The transboundary application of these measures is considered to be market distortion!


Energy efficiency action plan

MEPs call for no further delay of the EU Energy Efficiency Action Plan

Today Commission President Barroso and Energy Commissioner Piebalgs meet to decide on the publication date of this plan. It was set to be adopted this week but has been delayed in a scandalous way. The MEPs' letter asks the Commission to keep the foreseen schedule.


Global temperature change

New study confirms rapid increase of global temperatures in the last 30 years

The National Academy of Sciences of the USA published a study on September 26th which shows that the two last decades where the hottest over the last 12 000 years!


Common immigration policy

Greens/EFA motion for a resolution

A coherent European immigration policy can only be successful if linked to an integration policy to secure the integration of migrants into the labour market, access to schools and education, social and health services and access to social, cultural and political participation

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Book presentation

The Last Prisoners of the Cold War - the stateless people of Latvia in their own words

When: Wednesday 27 September at 3pm Where: Room S2.2, Louise Weiss Building, European Parliament, Strasbourg Media representatives are invited to attend the presentation of a new book which chronicles thirty onepersonal stories from the stateless people of Latvia who number some 400,000 in tota...


Sudan (Darfur)

Greens/EFA motion for a resolution

The Greens/EFA Group calls upon the Government of Sudan to accept a UN peacekeeping force in Darfur to achieve a lasting peace and on all parties to implement the Abuja agreement, which provides for the disarmament of the Darfur rebels as well as the Janjaweed militia. It urges the Sudanese authorities to end impunity and immediately to bring to justice the planners and perpetrators of human rights violations, including sexual violence.


Fossils, security and conflicts

Panel I - Seminar in Helsinki (20-21 September 2006)

Petteri Taalas, Director Regional and Technological Cooperation for Development Department of the World Metrological Organisation, showed the dramatic worsening of the impacts of climate change.Matti Vainio of European Commission's DG Environment presented, what he described as, a "eurocentric" view...

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Visit to Askola (uranium mining project in Finland)

Report from the visit in advance of the seminar "Safe and Secure Energy in Europe"

The Greens/EFA group hosted a two-day seminar in Helsinki during the Finnish Presidency of the EU, from 20-21 September, with the debate focusing on energy issues and how to achieve a safe and secure future for energy in Europe.In advance of the opening session of the seminar, Greens/EFA MEPs took t...

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Vehicle emissions

California sues car groups over emissions

While tomorrow 22 September, the EU will organize its "car-free" day, California launched a legal offensive against six of the world's biggest carmakers, saying their vehicles add to global warming and cost the state billions of dollars to fight pollution and erosion.


Public consultation on EU energy policy

Give your opinion to the EU commission's Green Paper on energy before end of this week!

The EU currently decides on the future of its energy sector. The Commission is asking for people's opinion on a couple of energy issues in order to develop new policies. So, help the EU to lead the energy revolution towards a free nuclear and efficient renewables economy !