The BEE2BEES Project

Open Data for Healthy Bees

The B2B project just launched at EU level aims at developing an open source tool to follow up bee colony losses. Beekeepers can use this application, either on their smartphone or on a computer, to share information about the status of their bees. Regular reports will make it possible for beekeep...

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GMO authorisations

Commission bulldozing through genetically-modified maize in spite of concerns

The European Commission has today proposed authorising the cultivation of a new variety of genetically modified maize (1507, marketed as Herculex outside the EU) in the EU, which would be first GM maize to be approved in 15 years. The Greens have raised major concerns with the proposed authorisation...

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A pollinator-friendly agricultural model


the way forward

This event aims to raise awareness of the link between the existing dangers to pollinators and the current agricultural model. The first panel of this working session will give the floor to renowned academics who will address the harm caused to pollinators by the current agricultural model. The speakers will focus on the so-called '3 P's': pollen, pesticides, pathogens, which are considered to be the main causes of bees decline. European beekeepers and NGOs will lead the discussion in the second panel, highlighting proposals for improvements and how these could translate into new EU agricultural policy.


Join the Food Revolution

Play your part to take back control over your plate

It is time for food policies to reflect people's concerns. Join the Food Revolution now and share your examples of good practice and experiences with a wide range of people all over Europe.


Plastic waste and bags

Commission sitting on the fence with plastic bag proposals

The European Commission today presented proposals to amend existing EU legislation on plastic waste with a view to reducing the use of lightweight plastic bags. Commenting on the proposals, Green environment spokesperson Margrete Auken (MEP, Denmark) said: "While a European approach to reducing...

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Brussels Agenda

Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 4 - 8 November 2013

Greens/EFA priorities for the week include Limiting CO2 emissions from vans, Reducing the use of plastic bags, Forcing through GMO authorisations, A pollinator-friendly agricultural model: the way forward, Nuclear Transparency Watch: launch of a European civil society initiative to improve nuclear safety and transparency

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Arctic 30

EU must do more to ensure release of detainees from Greenpeace boat

Ahead of a debate in the European Parliament on the continuing detention of the 'Arctic 30' group of 28 environmental activists and 2 journalists in Murmansk, Russia, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said: "The continued detention of the 'Arctic 30' on spurious charges is unacceptable. T...

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Shale gas

Key step for regulating shale gas, as MEPs endorse compulsory environmental impact assessments

The European Parliament today voted to revise EU legislation on environmental impact assessments (EIAs). The Greens strongly welcomed provisions to make EIAs compulsory for non-conventional fossil fuel projects, notably shale gas extraction and exploration involving fracking. Commenting on the vote,...

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Join the seed freedom campaign

European Greens and Vandana Shiva launch joint petition on seed legislation

The Greens together with Navdanya , the organisation of Indian activist and scientist Vandana Shiva, launch a petition on the new legislative proposal of the European Commission on the production and commercialisation of seeds.


EU seed regulation

Inspired by Vandana Shiva's visit Europe should take the lead in shifting the flawed logic of seed laws

  International activist and scientist Dr Vandana Shiva is currently travelling the world on a campaign on seed freedom and has published, together with the 'International Commission on the future of Seed' a small book called "The Law of the Seed". Watch the recorded livestream of V...