Luxembourg Leaks trial

Regrettable verdict a wake-up call on whistleblower protection

A Luxembourg court today ruled that ‘Luxembourg Leaks’ whistleblowers Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet were guilty of stealing documents, revealing business secrets and violating trade secrets (1). Criticising the verdict, Green transparency spokesperson Benedek Javor MEP, who was ...

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Rule of law

Poland and EU must continue honest dialogue on constitutional concerns

The deadline for the Polish government to make legislative changes in response to the monitoring procedure under the EU's rule of law framework will expire today. The Polish government has indicated it will not be revising the legal and constitutional changes with regard to the 'Constitutional Tribu...

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Erdogan attempts to 'correct' election outcome by stripping MPs of immunity

The Turkish parliament will today debate and vote on a draft law to strip over 130 Turkish MPs of their parliamentary immunity. The law will need to be adopted in two separate votes, with the second vote taking place Friday.  Commenting on the debate and votes, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca H...

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European police and security

New EUROPOL rules will strengthen police cooperation

The European Parliament today adopted new rules on EUROPOL, the EU's law enforcement agency. The new rules will strengthen EUROPOL's ability to ensure cross-border cooperation between police services. After the vote, Greens/EFA vice-president Josep-Maria Terricabras said: “The tragic terrorist att...

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The right to speak out?


Draft directive for the protection of whistle-blowers across Europe

The draft Directive aims to inspire the European Commission to use its power to propose legislation for the protection of whistle-blowers across Europe. The Directive aims to incorporate international standards on how to best protect whistle-blowers into EU law, thus ensuring the rights and mobility of workers and protecting both public institutions and private companies from fraudulent activities within their ranks


World Press Freedom Day

The Greens/EFA message

Free press is in danger in more ways than one...


Whistleblower protection

Greens present draft EU law as Deltour trial continues

The Greens/EFA group in European Parliament are presenting a draft for a new EU directive on whistleblower protection. The draft directive, which has been launched coinciding with the trial of Luxembourg Leaks whistleblower Antoine Deltour, aims to provide the basis and further impetus for a proposa...

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EFA - Basque Friendship - 26-4-16

Basque peace process - Otegi visit to European Parliament

Press release from EFA MEPs J-M Terricabras & Tatjana Ždanoka

At the invitation of the European Parliament's Basque Friendship Group, well-known Basque independentist figure Arnalo Otegi is visiting Brussels to push for greater support for the Basque peace process. MEPs have called for the Spanish government to enter into dialogue in the search for a la...


Adoption of Data Protection Regulation Report

Jan Philipp Albrecht

The European Parliament has approved the long-awaited reform of the EU's data protection rules, led by Green MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht. The legislation creates an EU-wide data protection regime, and ensures Europe has rules that are fit for purpose in the digital age.


Trade secrets

New EU rules open the door to abuses and endanger whistleblowers

The European Parliament today adopted new EU rules on the protection of trade secrets. The Greens have expressed concern with the law, notably the excessive rights to secrecy for businesses and provisions that pose a threat to whistleblowers. After the vote Greens/EFA MEP Julia Reda stated: &ldqu...

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Data protection

New EU rules provide major step forward for consumer protection

The European Parliament today adopted a legislative agreement on the reform of the EU's data protection rules, finalising the new law. Commenting on the new rules, Green MEP and European Parliament draftsperson/rapporteur on the data protection regulation Jan Philipp Albrecht stated: "Today's a...

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