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Tax evasion/Luxembourg leaks

Greens urge MEPs to support robust EP inquiry

The Greens/EFA group has today presented a mandate and terms of reference for a European Parliament inquiry committee into tax evasion and dumping, in the wake of the 'Luxembourg Leaks' revelations (1). Calling for cross-party support, with a view to ensuring the committee is set up without delay, G...

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25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall

Plenary speech by Rebecca Harms

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Fight against tax avoidance

Plenary speech by Philippe Lamberts


EU Kosovo mission (EULEX)

Investigation on corruption allegations must be thorough, timely and transparent

The European Parliament's foreign affairs committee yesterday met with officials from the EU's mission in Kosovo (EULEX) on recent allegations of corruption and maladministration with the mission. Commenting on the situation, Green MEP and EP vice-president Ulrike Lunacek, who is the European P...

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Greens/EFA Roundup

Debriefing of the Strasbourg plenary week 20-24 October 2014

Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg Plenary included the Ebola crisis and the EU's response, the Energy and climate policy and the EU summit, Hungary's crackdown on civil society, the election of the European Commission, the EU budget, bullfighting, lobbying and the single seat and rounding up migrants in coordinated EU action.

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Game over - EU Commission test
Game over - EU Commission test

Commission Test

Blog on the nominations and hearings for the new Commission

The game is over. The new College of the European Commission was voted by the European Parliament. Our group voted against. Read our blog for an analysis of the proposed EU Commissioners, their remits and the hearings

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European Commission appointment

Greens not convinced by overall package of Juncker College

The Greens/EFA group today voted against the Juncker Commission because they are not convinced the overall package and policy direction presented by president Juncker is what is needed re-establish the trust of our citizens in the nascent European democracy. But this is not a blanket rejection

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Preparation of the European Council (23-24 October 2014)

Plenary speech by Philippe Lamberts

2030 is the next crucial milestone for European climate and energy policy; without ambitious and binding targets for renewables, energy efficiency and, greenhouse gases, the EU will struggle to make up the lost ground in the years that follow.


Fundamental Rights and the new Commission

Same old story, or less talk and more action?

Plenary speech from Judith Sargentini For several years now there have been signals that Hungary is moving away from the core values of the European Union. This was affirmed this year by Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, when he openly admitting his wish to build an illiberal state. ...