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GMO contaminated honey

EU Commission attempting to market-GMO contaminated honey

In the midst of a new controversy about the health effects of GMOs, the EU Commission is attempting to market-GMO contaminated honey without any information to the consumers

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European Prostate Cancer Awareness Day

Press Invitation from N-VA MEP Frieda Brepoels

Prostate cancer is the cancer with the highest incidence in men, 1 in 7 men will be confronted with it during their life. Though a significant number will die of the disease or will have to deal with painful metastases, prostate cancer is still considered a taboo. To counter this and to raise aware...


Accounting transparency

EP votes for transparency on companies' activities key for ethical operation in developing countries

Crucial new draft EU legislation on accounting and transparency was voted on by the legal affairs committee in the European Parliament today (1). The Greens welcomed the support of MEPs for greater transparency on companies' activities, notably for project reporting and on payments to governments, ...

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Fisheries reform

EP votes for more transparent fish labels to promote more sustainable fish consumption

The European Parliament today voted on the first of a set of legislative proposals reforming the EU's Common Fisheries Policy (1). The Greens welcomed support for proposals to amend the draft legislation on market organisation to make labelling more transparent. Commenting after the vote, Greens/EFA...

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Dr.Vandana Shiva


GMO-free Europe Conference 2012


7th European Conference of GMO free regions

Central topics of the conference this year will be the right to national bans of GMO cultivation, the deficient risk assessment of GMOs by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the upcoming seed legislation and the imports of GM soy in connection with next European CAP reform.

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EU must boost humanitarian aid to Syria

Commenting on the acute humanitarian crisis in Syria and its neighbouring countries, Greens foreign affairs spokesperson Franziska Brantner (MEP, Germany) said: "The acute humanitarian situation in Syria requires a dramatic response from the international community and the EU. With aid organis...

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Hello Democracy, Goodbye ACTA

"Trade" Agreement defeated after long campaign by Greens

After many years of campaigning by the Greens, the ACTA agreement was finally rejected by the European Parliament. It is a victory for the Citizens of Europe who contacted their MEPs, signed the petitions and marched in the streets. The Greens/EFA group will continue keep a close eye on developments, keep citizens informed and fight for internet freedom and digital rights.


ACTA anti-counterfeiting agreement

ACTA consigned to history; EU must now start honest debate on IPR protection

The European Parliament today voted to refuse its consent to the ratification of the ACTA anti-counterfeiting trade agreement by the European Union (1). The vote to reject ACTA effectively ends the prospect of the EU acceding to the treaty. The Greens/EFA group, which has been active on ACTA since t...

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EU investment fund and insurance rules (UCITS, IMD, PRIPs)

Commission tiptoes towards strengthened consumer protection

The European Commission today presented three legislative proposals on the regulation of insurance policies, investment funds and packaged retail investment products (1). These three proposals have a broad impact on private and retail investors. The Greens described the proposals as a missed opportu...

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RIO + 20 Diary

Game over already? Emerging analysis

It was strange for ministers to land to discover what appeared to be an already agreed document. Some countries arrived with the intention of negotiating at ministerial level, which would have increased political ownership. The NGO community was very clear that the text as it stood was completely out of touch with reality, lacking mention of planetary boundaries and tipping points and thereby making a joke of the title, 'the future we want'.


Accounting transparency

EP vote for tougher EU rules would reduce scope for unethical corporations and tax avoidance

Crucial new draft EU legislation on accounting and transparency for large companies moved a step closer to reality after a vote in the economic and monetary affairs committee yesterday evening. One of the key aspects of the legislation is proposals on mandatory reporting for companies on their finan...