EU economic governance

EU Parliament to ensure oversight of financial adjustment programmes

The European Parliament is to establish a structure and process for the oversight of EU financial adjustment programmes. The decision was taken at the conference of presidents of political groups today and follows a request made by Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipiras. The Greens have been pushing f...

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The circular economy package

a transformation for all?


Climate finance seminar


A Greens/EFA meeting in Paris ahead of COP21

REGISTER HERE FOR THE EVENTFOLLOW THE EVENT LIVE PROGRAMME WARMING UP 10:00-10:10Welcome and introductionRebecca Harms or Philippe Lamberts, Co-President of the Greens/EFA 10:10-10.30Impacts of climate change: findings of the Tara project Romain Troublé, Executive Director of Tara Expeditions 10:3...

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A global climate deal is possible

OK, so we're dreaming. But is it so hard to believe that world leaders would put aside short-term interests and differences were set aside for the sake of future generations? Help us make sure world leaders hear the calls of citizens for action on climate change ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 21) in Paris this December. Visit:


A longer life-time for products


a win-win solution for European consumers and businesses

It seems we have to replace consumer products more and more frequently. Often it is cheaper and easier for consumers to buy a new product than to repair it or replace parts. There is little incentive to prolong the life of a product through repair, nor to re-use or recycle it. It is ever more apparent that resources are becoming scarcer and in the future this can cause serious problems for the environment and the economy. This Greens/EFA conference therefore aims to examine the win-win benefits of a longer product lifetime, for consumers, businesses, society and the environment.


COP21 - The EU cannot afford to fail a second time

Vote in the European Parliament

Tomorrow, the European Parliament is to debate and vote on a report on the international climate agreement that is to be sealed in Paris at the COP21 in December. While the mood has changed since the last key summit that took place in Copenhagen 6 years ago, the EU cannot afford to miss the boat on another key event within its borders


Green jobs and green economy

A truly green economy would promote human well-being and social equality, without placing more strain on the planet than it is able to support.


Capital Markets Union

Crucial project cannot be smokescreen for financial deregulation

The European Commission today presented an action plan on creating the much-anticipated Capital Markets Union, setting out measures it intends to propose to this end. Commenting on the action plan, Green economic and finance spokesperson Sven Giegold said: "Creating a Capital Markets Union is a...

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EU Commission work programme

MEPs criticise deregulation drive under commissioner Timmermans

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution on the draft work programme of the European Commission for 2016. Commenting after the vote Greens/EFA vice-president Bas Eickhout said: "MEPs have today again issued a rebuke to the drive by EU Commission vice-president Timmermans to cut back E...



Beware what lies beneath

The European Greens do not believe that TTIP represents the kind of transatlantic relationship we need. As it currently stands, TTIP threatens our democracy and risks undermining our hard-won regulation and standards in a host of sectors.

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Maritime economic development must be integrated and sustainable

Press release from EFA MEP Ernest Maragall (Catalonia)

Exploitation of the so-called 'blue economy' to help jobs and growth must be both integrated and sustainable according to a report today approved by MEPs. MEPs were responding to a proposal from the European Commission which aims at exploiting Europe's seas and realising the oceans...


Transparent, clean, accountable


Lessons from international best practice for the EU institutions

70 percent of EU citizens believe the institutions of the Union to be corrupt. The European Commission’s first anti-corruption report puts the losses caused by bribery across Europe at EUR 120 billion per year. We want to use this formal demand to the EU Commission for an EU law using hard rules to allow citizens new trust in our European Democracy.