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Solar energy from Greece

Helios would be the third step before the first - Greece needs tailor-made plans for the solar energy future

The Greek government today presented the solar energy project Helios, which promises to generate 10GW of solar electricity in the next ten to fifteen years, for export to Central and Northern European countries. Rebecca Harms, Co-President of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, warns of...

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Green Troika in Athens

MEPs travel to Greece to put forward Green ways out of the crisis

Since the beginning of the financial and Eurocrisis, the Greens have consistently criticised the one-sided austerity focus of the response being pushed by centre-right governments in Europe. In this context and after the second Greek bailout at the end of last month, the Greens/EFA ...

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Nuclear decommissioning/EU funds

Report underlines hidden costs of nuclear; greater consistency needed with EU funds

The European Court of Auditors today published a special report (1) on the use of EU funds for decommissioning nuclear reactors in Lithuania, Slovakia and Bulgaria. The report concluded that the funding to date (including €2.85 billion in EU funds) was far short of what is necessary to safely and ...

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The Green New Deal

More than a policy, a programme for living

The Green New Deal is more than just another “eco-friendly” policy - it’s a plan for a rethink of priorities in addressing the way we live and work. Therefore the Green New Deal proposes a comprehensive, economic, social and environmental transformation, from infrastructure and sustainable industrial policies to investment in peoples’ wellbeing and redistribution of wealth.

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EU energy policy

Roadmap fails to plot path for secure, safe and sustainable energy future

The European Commission today finally presented the Energy Roadmap 2050, setting out its assessment of scenarios for the EU's energy future. The Greens have hit out at the plans for being based on flawed assumptions for renewable energy and energy savings, whilst overstating the role of nuclear ener...

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The EU's role in the UN Climate summit in Durban

Rebecca Harms (DE) and Bas Eickhout (EN)


The Green Race

Which countries are on course to win the green race?

A fun, informative and interactive tool showing which countries have already taken the lead in renewable energies. Bet on your favourite country and get an overview of the climate policies, research investments and green technologies development of other countries

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EU energy infrastructure

Backward-looking Commission proposals skewed in favour of gas pipes over renewable energy needs

The European Commission today presented legislative proposals on energy infrastructure, including financing rules in the context of the next EU budgetary period (1). While the Greens welcome that the Commission has put the question of energy infrastructure on the agenda, the group expressed concern ...

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Stop Climate Change Blog

Next international climate talks: the EU should not lose its climate credibility...

The environment council has adopted its conclusions on the preparations for the UN climate discussions in Durban in December. The Greens consider that the position of the EU should be clearer and more ambitious if it were willing to ensure agreements on the most pressing issues at the end of the year....

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Greening the EU Energy Roadmap 2050

The European Commission will present the EU Energy Roadmap this autumn. This paper will follow the Climate Roadmap 2050 adopted by the Commission on 8 March 2011 and present a number of policy measures for the decarbonisation of the energy sector. The EU has committed to an 80-95% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels by 2050. Ahead of the publication of this key document, the Greens/ EFA group organises a conference on 22 September to consider what should be the necessary steps and measures that the European Union should take to achieve its ambitious goals in both the energy and the climate sector.