Hungarian media law

No more double standards; swift action needed to ensure media freedom prevails in Hungary

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban today faced criticism from MEPs during a European Parliament debate over the controversial media law passed in Hungary last month. The Greens have led criticism of the law, which would restrict media pluralism, in conflict with EU law, and is part of wider d...

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European Citizens' Initiative

European democracy takes a step forward as EP vote paves way for citizens' initiative

The European Parliament today adopted a legislative compromise on the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) with an overwhelming majority. The Greens/EFA group welcomed the vote, which paves the way for the entry into force of this crucial democratic tool from 2012 on. After the vote, Green MEP and co...

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e-fa News Round-Up November 2010

News bulletin from the European Free Alliance Group

The European Free Alliance (EFA) draws together political parties fighting for democracy and self-determination for the stateless nations and regions of Europe. European Free Alliance MEPs sit in a European parliamentary group with the Greens, making up the fourth largest group in the European parli...


Turkey in Europe


Enlarged Bureau Meeting of the Green/EFA Group

The Greens/EFA organise a two-day public conference in Istanbul to discuss about key issues such as the energy security in Turkey and in the European Union - including nuclear energy aspects, the democratisation process of Turkey in the light of a new Constitution and the issue of European Culture.


European Day of Languages

An EFA press release by MEP Oriol Junqueras (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya)

Ahead of European Day of Languages (Sunday 26 September), MEPs from the EFA Group in the European Parliament have renewed calls for languages such as Catalan and Welsh to be fully recognised at European level. Oriol Junqueras (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya) wants the European institutions and in...


Youth Employment

EU Parliament calls for strong initiatives to promote youth access to the labour market

The European Parliament today called for concrete initiatives promoting youth access to the labour market and the strengthening of traineeships, internships and apprenticeships. Commenting on the vote of her report, which was adopted by a large majority, rapporteur Danish MEP Emilie Turunen said: &q...

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MEP critical of Spanish Constitutional Court Decision

A press release by EFA MEP Oriol Junqeras (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya)

The Spanish Constitutional Court has passed a judgement striking down 14 articles of the Catalan Statute and reinterpreting 27 more. The statute gave greater power and autonomy for Catalunya.  This statute was approved in a referendum by the citizens of Catalunya, but the Constitutional Court h...


Towards a cultural ecology?


A Greens/EFA conference

This conferenec organized by Greens/EFA MEPs Malika Benarab-Attou, Helga Trüpel, François Alfonsi, aims at bringing a prospective on positioning Culture at the heart of the European project.


Financing culture in the digital era


A Greens/EFA conference

The digital era has made knowledge and culture accessible for the greater public and contributes to bring about a worldwide knowledge society. But how can we guarantee a fair remuneration of authors and creators together with the universal access and circulation of knowledge and culture? The conference will explore ways out of this paradox.


Copyright treaty for visually impaired

EU must support a binding treaty for visually impaired and not a "voluntary recommendation"

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 8th, an EU Council working group coordinated by DG Internal Market and the Spanish Presidency will decide the EU position concerning the proposal for a Treaty for the visually impaired (sponsored by Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador and Paraguay) that shall be considered at the World In...

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UK elections

Caroline Lucas - first Green to be elected to Westminster in a historic win

Last night, Green MEP Caroline Lucas became the first Green to be elected to the British Parliament in Westminster. Commenting on this historic win, Rebecca Harms and Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Co-Presidents of the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament said : "We congratulate Caroline Lucas on her har...

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Spanish government must fulfil agreements for use of Catalan

Press release by ERC MEP Oriol Junqueras

* Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya MEP Oriol Junqueras has put forward a block of 17 parliamentary questions to the European Council, Commission, Parliament and Ombudsman regarding the Spanish Government's non-compliance in the use of Catalan at EU level;* Junqueras: 'Once again the Zapatero Govern...